A One-Stop Shop…

A One-Stop Shop…

Your Partner in HR provides access to dozens of forms, templates and articles ranging in topics from hire to fire and everything in between.

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A Professional Team of Experts…

A Professional Team of Experts…

Our subject matter experts will partner with you to plan and execute an HR Strategy that supports your business goals and leverages your most important asset; your people.

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Need A Quick Answer or Resource?

Need A Quick Answer or Resource?

Don’t reach for the phone book.  Look to Your Partner in HR for the answers.  Arranged by topic, you will quickly find a template, article or document.  Other answers can be found using our Resources, Referrals and Links.

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We Bring Human Resources to Your Business

At Your Partner In HR, we too are small business owners joined in a common vision:

To provide professional and affordable HR services to the Small Business Community.

As your "online" HR Department, we make it possible for organizations previously thought to be too small for an HR presence to benefit from the same quality advice and support that larger companies have at their disposal.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner for all of your HR needs and questions. Online, we provide members with the basic forms, templates and articles to set up safe and effective HR practices. By phone, your Partners are available to members for a complimentary initial consultation to point you in the right direction. In person, your Partners are available for onsite consultation and training at reasonable rates for small businesses.

Who Is Your Partner In HR?

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Need A Personal Consultation?

Your Partner in HR provides access to dozens of forms, templates and articles ranging in topic from hire to fire and everything in between. If this doesn't answer your question, please contact us directly.

What Do People Say About Your Partners?

"We are a small company and needed an end-to-end HR specialist that could guide us through hiring our first employees ...
Griffin Ralston – Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Ralston Instruments, LLC