Maintaining Meaningful Connections

May 01, 2017  |   Posted by :   |   YPHR Blog

Research has consistently shown that daily social interactions increase quality of life. So ask yourself – did anyone say good morning to you today? Did you smile, say it back and include sincerity in your words? Do you know their name? Think of all the connections you make with others throughout the day. Social connectedness isn’t simply about the number of online connections you have, but the quality of your relationships.

University of Chicago Psychology Professor, Dr. John Cacioppo, has come up with three dimensions of social connectedness:


  • Intimate Connectedness: Comes from having someone in your life you feel affirms who you are.
  • Relational Connectedness: Comes from having face-to-face contacts that are mutually rewarding.
  • Collective Connectedness: Comes from feeling that you’re part of a group or collective beyond individual existence.

Each connection is a look into yourself and the environment you surround yourself with. Think about the connections that you create and how positively or negatively they influence who you are. Strive to obtain and continue the positive ones…those that make you feel good about yourself.

Guest Blogger, Stephanie Patek

Stephanie is a well-being enthusiast with a mission is to help others pushHeadshot2017 past unhealthy obstacles. Serving as Manager of Wellness Operations for ease@work, a local Cleveland-based employee assistance program, she has surprising insight into how various organizations work and thrive. With a passion for presenting and spreading wellness knowledge, she is speaker, fitness coach, and consultant. With two little boys offering a challenge to her fitness regimen, she’s learned to creatively squeeze in a daily calorie burn. A native Pittsburger (oh no!), she has come to love Cleveland and call it home.

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