Looking Back at 2011 and Looking Ahead to 2012

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As another year draws to a close, it is time to assess the past year, plan for 2012, and ‘do’ what it takes to turn our plans into reality.  I particularly liked a simple philosophy of a local colleague, Jeff Nischwitz.  He recently wrote an article titled “Decide, Declare, Do!”  He writes, “A critical ingredient in this process is to tell the truth … mostly to ourselves … in assessing 2011. What did we learn? Where did we fail (and what did we learn from the failures)? In what ways did we grow and how can we continue that growth in 2012? In what ways did we excel and how can we continue and accelerate in 2012?”   

As we reflect on 2011, focus on what you did accomplish as opposed to what you did not.  Do you remember your resolutions at the beginning of 2011?  Did you lose those 10 pounds?   Improve your golf game?  Spend more time with your loved ones?  Expand your business?  Maybe you never got to the golf course, but you did finally get away for that family vacation.  Maybe you lost those ten pounds, but they found you later in the year… As for the other things you didn’t get to, like Cleveland sports fans say, “There is always next year!”  Reflect on what worked, where you had successes and learn from the failures…

Looking forward to 2012…what do you want to accomplish this year?  What are the goals you have in place personally, professionally and for your business?  As you answer these questions, be sure to write down your goals and showcase them someplace you look at each day.  (On the cover of your dayplanner, as a screen saver or cell phone banner, etc.) Seeing it and saying it over and over again will make it believable and reachable!  But you have to Decide.  And once you Decide, “Declare” your goals… share them with someone else.  Once you declare your goals to an “Accountability Partner” you have increased your chances of success dramatically. 

“Do!”  Start now.  Stop procrastinating and follow through on your plans.  What are the first steps to reaching your goals?  Once you have decided, written down and committed to your goals, start doing something!  One step at a time.  Remember, touchdowns are achieved by a series of ‘1st Downs” and not a single play. 

Another simple philosophy involves just 3 words.  Another trusted advisor, Chris Brogan starts each year with three words to focus on. The concept is simple; find three words that sum up what you would like to focus on in the coming year.  In 2011, Chris’ words were: * Reinvest * Package * Flow

Chris explains, “The words are meant to help me see the way I’d like to view my world, the lens I choose to use. So, with “reinvest” my intent was to talk about reinvesting my effort on fitness and financial goals, as well as some of my community commitments. My effort to “package” was to make sure people better understood what I was selling and that they understood how to use it. My “flow” goal was to make sure that I worked on eliminating distractions and cutting out all the various clutter points of my personal and professional life.

My three words for 2011 were Publish * Grow * Ask.  I wanted to publish the things in my head by creating this site and some eCourses.  Grow meant to grow professionally and to expand my network of strategic partners.  (Not grow physically bigger, but I did that too!)  And Ask… sometimes I need to ask for help.  That is how I met Becky, our site administrator!

Following up on our December series on Workplace Wellness, January will focus on Goal Setting and implementing a Happy / Healthy Workplace in 2012.  Check back next week as we kick start our year with personal goal setting and determining YOUR own 3 words. 

Happy New Year to all and wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2012! 



For more information about Goal Setting or to inquire about providing a Goal Setting session for your workplace, contact Sonya Weiland, Founder of Your Partner In HR.

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