The Grateful Employer

November 18, 2016  |   Posted by :   |   YPHR Blog

Thanksgiving is upon us, and what better time is there to tell your employees how grateful you are for them. From a simple spoken “thank you,” to generous bonuses and everything in between, research shows that employees who are recognized and thanked for their contributions are more satisfied with their job, more likely to report that their workplace is “fun,” and less likely to leave.

Here are some free/inexpensive ways to quickly show your appreciation:thank-you

  • Send out an employee-wide email noting appreciation for specific employees.
  • Note your appreciation in a newsletter or social media posting.
  • A written thank you note or email.
  • Tickets to see a movie, local sporting event, or entertainment, i.e. theater tickets or tickets to the zoo.
  • Recognition at a staff meeting in front of their peers.
  • Flowers, candy, gift cards.
  • Find out their favorite coffee or breakfast and deliver it to them at their desk.

However you choose to show your appreciation, be sure to make it specific to each employee and, more importantly, tell them why you appreciate them. For example, instead of saying “Jane, I really appreciate how you always do what is necessary to meet a deadline,” try “Jane, I noticed how you kept the project on track and motivated the team with your enthusiasm.  I could not be happier that we were able to meet this important deadline and we could not have done it without your leadership.  For more ideas on how to thank your employees this week and every week, contact Your Partner in HR.


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