The Emotional Intelligence Traits Necessary for Business Success!

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Emotional intelligence has become a hot topic over the last decade, gracing the covers of almost every major publication in business and psychology alike.  It has long been understood that there was a “non-intellect” related component of intelligence.  This has been studied since as early as the 1940’s – and this component has been directly tied to success for almost as long.  Emotional intelligence is devoid of age restrictions, and can be high or low regardless of generation. What is Emotional Intelligence? As with many trending topics in business, we tend to discuss them ...

Do You Need to Detoxify?

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Perhaps you indulged this summer in cheeseburgers, dressing laden side dishes, buttery-crusted pies and other sweet picnic treats. Although eating foods in moderation is a smart way to eat, unhealthy overeating for long periods of time can spark a need for a detoxifying diet. People make up definitions of their own when hearing the word "detox." The dictionary.com definition notes detoxify as a verb: To rid of poison or the effects of poison To treat a person (addicted to alcohol or drugs) under a program of detoxification We ...

The Rise of the Entitlement Mentality

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Do your employees believe that they do not have to earn what they are given?  Do they believe that they get something because they are owed it, because they are entitled to it?  Do they think they should get what they want because of who they are, not because of what they do? It is, perhaps, one of the most frustrating experiences in managing human resources: You go to great lengths and expense to design compensation and benefit plans that will keep employees motivated and ...

Are You an Effective Listener?

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Blogger and career coach Jan Johnston Osburn writes of the importance of listening, not just hearing. Our lives are such that we tend to ignore our surroundings or block out voices and sounds, until we consciously put effort in to give the sounds purposeful attention.   When we hear, we take in sound. But when we listen, we take meaning from what is being heard. We become mindful. Listen.org states that about 75% of the time, we are preoccupied when we should actually be listening. Osburn quotes Stephen Covey, as he says "Most people do not listen with the ...

The Five Key Qualities of Millennials in Leadership

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Despite the myths and stereotypes associated with Millennials, these tech-savvy leaders possess a hunger for success, strong resilience, intellectual curiosity, and the ability to be agile in an ever-changing and complex society.  They believe in true relationships and connecting with their colleagues on a personal level.  They look for companies with a clear purpose and vision, and have a strong appreciation for a company prioritizing its employees and the customer experience over profits.  Perhaps all generations could learn a little more from this special group in the workforce. It’s no secret that Millennials are one of the ...

Recruiting Technology: Constant Evolution!

June 19, 2017  |   Posted by :   |   YPHR Blog

What Will They Think of Next? Over the last 5 years, it is no secret that recruitment technology has made incredible advancements, staying on track with our ever-evolving digital world.  Recruiting technology is no different.  I recently attended a conference discussing the latest and greatest Recruiting Software.  THIS amateur was in shock and awe, to say the least! I've been in the recruiting industry for enough years to know the major players (or so I thought).  I mean, didn't we just get email addresses?  Gosh, I'm old. The buzz last year revolved around "Employer Branding" and ...

Assess Your Risk of Heart Attack

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Heart attacks are becoming so common that now every 40 seconds someone in the United States suffers an attack! A heart attack is a temporary lack of oxygen to the heart muscle that is usually caused by a disruption in blood flow. As plaque builds up in arteries, blood clots can form and muscle damage or death can occur. To prevent this from happening to you or a loved one, it is important to use educational tools and stay engaged in your health. Common warning signs for heart attacks ...

Handling Driver’s Stress

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Managing stress is a difficult task most face every day. However, this becomes even more difficult the second we get behind the wheel. Driving can create additional anxiety which can make life that much tougher. It is important to understand these feelings and work to control, and eventually minimize, that source of stress in your life. Crazy traffic, detours, and parking issues are all problems we face so often, they have become a part of our daily routine. Unfortunately, these small irritants come together to create a bigger problem our minds under extra stress day after day. ...

Work-Life Balance: Solving the Elusive Conundrum

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Life is more than punching a clock everyday. To truly enjoy life and one’s work, it is essential to strike a balance between your business life and your personal life. The demands of a job often put a strain on families. Take a minute to assess your Work/Life Balance. Ask yourself questions such as: Do you feel stressed out most of the time? Do you feel you don’t have time for yourself – or your family and friends? Do you wish you ...

Maintaining Meaningful Connections

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Research has consistently shown that daily social interactions increase quality of life. So ask yourself - did anyone say good morning to you today? Did you smile, say it back and include sincerity in your words? Do you know their name? Think of all the connections you make with others throughout the day. Social connectedness isn't simply about the number of online connections you have, but the quality of your relationships. University of Chicago Psychology Professor, Dr. John Cacioppo, has come up with three dimensions of social connectedness: