Are You an Effective Listener?

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Blogger and career coach Jan Johnston Osburn writes of the importance of listening, not just hearing. Our lives are such that we tend to ignore our surroundings or block out voices and sounds, until we consciously put effort in to give the sounds purposeful attention.
When we hear, we take in sound. But when we listen, we take meaning from what is being heard. We become mindful. states that about 75% of the time, we are preoccupied when we should actually be listening. Osburn quotes Stephen Covey, as he says “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” 
  • Body Language
  • Eye Contact
  • Keeping Your Body Open
  • Echoing Words
  • Nods of Your Head
  • Leaning Toward the Speaker
The next time you are in conversation, do a self-check to see if you are truly listening and not just hearing!

Guest Blogger, Stephanie Patek

Stephanie is a well-being enthusiast with a mission is to help others pushHeadshot2017 past unhealthy obstacles. Serving as Manager of Wellness Operations for ease@work, a local Cleveland-based employee assistance program, she has surprising insight into how various organizations work and thrive. With a passion for presenting and spreading wellness knowledge, she is speaker, fitness coach, and consultant. With two little boys offering a challenge to her fitness regimen, she’s learned to creatively squeeze in a daily calorie burn. A native Pittsburger (oh no!), she has come to love Cleveland and call it home.

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